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3 reasons to to attend Sat. show: the Jacob Smigel CD Release

This show has gotten 3 long stem roses of good press Please jump the cut and follow the links.
I'm really excited he's getting such a good response.

"Hope This Passes the Secretary, weaves Smigel’s lo-fi, often minimalist indie folk style with snippets of found audio from thrifted answering machine tapes . . . "

quote: "Typical junior in high school mindset I guess. It's a 45 minute monologue which is basically a plea for remembrance. It's horrible. I jokingly say it's pure evil."

quote: "I was like, 'Whoa, this is, like, a really personal thing that I'm not supposed to be hearing,'" Smigel says. "It was like a distress signal, but I got it too late."

An Interview:

Artist Profile:

The Quick & Dirty:

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