Louie (bwayboogiewooge) wrote in azlocalmusic,

Brootal Sun Fest II

If you missed out on all the awesome times that were to be had last weekend, then you're in luck. I just posted several massive picture posts of the festivities. You can still experience it vicariously through the following... Enjoy!

Brootal Sun Fest II
@ Dry River & Skrappys
March 11-13, 2011
-Kickoff Show - The Runaway 5, Reservado, The Teets, Real Phony, Logan Greene and The Bricks
-Day 1 - New York Taxi, Musical Charis, Blvd Park, Dogbreth, ROAR, Dave Neff and The Retroskeptics
-Day 2 - Steff and The Articles, imadethismistake, Captain Squeegee, Human Behavior, AIDS Free, Forrest and Gonzo, Madeline Ava, Monster Pussy, Woolly Mammoth, Ralpheene, The Wild, Doctor Dinosaur
-Day 3 (Day Session) - Faster Than Light, Just Another Snake Cult, Mega Bog, The Pork Torta, Plague Party, Topless Mongos, Feel Free, The Sharapnelles, Run-On Sunshine
-Day 3 (Night Session) - Jaime J., James Rabbit, Iji, Cuckoo Chaos, Kind of Like Spitting, Andrew Jackson Jihad

If you were there and you took some pictures, got a funny anecdote from the weekend, please share them here.
Peace, love, chicken grease.
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